Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lots of Birthdays!

My real birthday is on Sunday and my party is on October 23rd. -Jonathon
We drew pictures for Jonathon. Everyone makes a picture and we make it into a book. You get a pencil from the office and one from our classroom. We have 7 birthdays in October. -Peyton
We sang Happy Birthday! -Rhianna
We celebrated my birthday on Monday. -Tyson
We also celebrated mine on Monday too and it was fun. -Rylee
When somebody has a birthday, you get to wear a birthday ribbon. -Sydney R
We celebrated Jonathon's birthday today. -Cole
We made pictures for Rylee and Tyson last time and we put them in their books. -Cameron
My birthday is on Monday next week. -Madeline
My birthday is on October 29. -Ashley
You get a balloon when it's your birthday. -Aliegha


Anonymous said...

I like how you told us how many birthdays there are. Where did your students go for their birthdays?

Markus in Mr. H's class

Anonymous said...

WOW! That sure is a lot birthdays. I have a birthday on September 14. I LOVE your blog. Do you guys like your school? I hope you are having FUN.

Braylin in Mr. H's class :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I`m Mikayla from Mr. H`s class. I like your post about birthdays. I love birthdays and birthdays rock. I love all of your posts. Why do you write your names after you post?

Mikayla in Mr. H's class