Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lots of things to do

Today we came to computer. We played games about spelling tests. We logged on by ourselves. -Rhianna
We are writing our Children Just Like Me book. Today we wrote about friends. -Jadyn
The website was called Spelling City. You had to pick your number. -Peyton
It was a fun day because we had three recesses  and Choir and Gym. -Rylee
We went to Gym and we played tennis. It was easy. -Madeline
Me and Aliegha played spelling games on the Smart Board. -Nicholas
We had 2 new games (Bananagrams and Sumoku). One was for word work. -Jonathon
We went to music today and I had so much fun there. -Cameron
We had fun in Gym because we played tennis. -Lindsay

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