Tuesday, October 18, 2011

531 Plastic Bags!

Yesterday we had 257 bags, and this morning we had 531. -Tristan
We put up signs all around the school because it's important. -Sam
We make the bags into "umbrellas". -Nicholas
These are the 3 steps to get a bag ready for counting:
1. SHAKE it.
2. Put your hand in and grab the bottom and PULL it.
3. Then grab the top and pull down. (It looks like an UMBRELLA) -Jolene
We put them in groups of 10 to count them. -Cameron
Jonathon, Sam and me made signs. -Peyton
I was one of the ones that was going around the school and putting the signs up. -Jonathon
We had groups making the signs. -Cole
The signs said "Plastic Bag RoundUp" -Kaspir
We had a fun day when we were putting up the signs and also when we were fixing them. -Rylee
Me, Taylor, Aliegha and Tristan made an announcement about the plastic bags. -Olivia
Ashley, Taylor, Aliegha, Madeline and me delivered letters to all the rooms in the school. -Jadyn


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm Taylor from Mr. H's class. I have a lot of plastic bags at home. How many do you have? I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Hailey in Mr. H's class. I love your biog and your Shelfari. We have a Shelfari on our blog. What other books are you reading?