Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Author Came Today

After last recess we met an author and her name was Debbie Holme. She read us her book called "Sarah's Poppy Puppy". It was fun -Tristan
We met her after last recess. The book was about Remembrance Day because it's almost Remembrance Day. -Taylor
The book was about her uncle and the war and poppies. He died in the war. -Jadyn
It was about her family. I asked "Do you like being an author?" and she said she does. In the book they found a box with family things that are special. -Sydney R
In the story they found a box with a toy and 4 medals. -Peyton
The book was really cool. It had a poppy puppy in there. -Tyson
 The book was about the war. -Sam
They found an old newspaper in the box. -Kendall
They travelled to go to the cemetary to plant flowers by the grave. -Cole
She (the author) was wearing one of the medals from the story. -Jolene
We wrote questions for the author and we asked her. The story was very fun. -Cameron
It was kind of sad because her uncle died in the war. -Rhianna
We had fun because we learned about being an author. I had fun learning about authors and the war. -Rylee


Anonymous said...

I think that the story was awesome. I think it was sad that her Uncle died in the war. This is the first author I ever met! We read a story at home tonight that is also about Remembrance Day - it is called "A Poppy is to Remember." - Kendall

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having me in your classroom today. I enjoyed working and spending time with all of you. I had an awesome morning!

Mrs. Capell