Friday, September 30, 2011

Commenting on Blog Posts

Today we spent some time in the computer lab learning about what makes a quality comment. The children in our classroom know that when you comment on a blog post you should:

1. Choose a post that is interesting to you.
2. Give a put-up or compliment to the writer.
3. Make a connection to yourself, your life or something you know.
4. Ask a question.
5. Sign your first name.
6. Reread your comment before you post it to make sure it makes sense.

The children worked in partners to go through the process of leaving a comment on a blog. We had a few technology glitches, but everything was in working order by the time we left the lab.

This weekend the children's Weekender homework assignment is to work with their families to post a comment to our blog, or one of the other blogs that we follow. Here are some quick links to the other blogs we follow:

Receiving and responding to comments on the blog is always exciting for the children in our classroom. It helps them to realize that they have a real audience, their work is important, and that people are interested in what they are doing and what they have to say. I'm fairly certain that when I was 5, 6, and 7 the only people that were listening to and reading about what I had to say were my parents and maybe my sisters (but probably not... I'm the youngest). Through the use of technology we are able to turn our classroom walls into windows, we are given the opportunity to connect with and learn with people in far away places, and are able to share what we do with the world. Awesome.
-Mrs. Malkoske


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Malkoske,

We tried to comment on Mrs. Caldwell's blog but there is no option for anonymous on hers. Here is what Ty was trying to post on Mrs. Caldwell's.

Mrs. Caldwell, don't be scared, blogs are lots of fun. I hope you like blogging like I do in my classroom. Did you have a good weekend? I like your shelfari and we read The Dot and Zero in our classroom.

Maybe you can find a way to post it.

Tyson and Mollie

Anonymous said...

I like the books on your Shelfari. They are cool. Do you like the books?

Hailey M. in Mr. H's class