Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Happy Day

It was picture day today. -Kendall
It's my birthday. We sang happy birthday and Mrs. Malkoske blew up a balloon. -Nicholas
Aliegha showed us her bird's nest. We had word work. -Tristan
We had pictures in the gym and a birthday to celebrate. -Taylor
Today we had library and music. -Peyton
We did some shape work. The stars were my favourite. -Cameron
We had fun! We had 3 recesses!-Sam
We wrote in our writer's notebook. -Brandon
I wrote a whole page in my writer's notebook! -Jadyn
We did finger painting. We made ovals. -Lindsay
My favourite centre was the finger painting.-Sydney R
We wrote in our books. I wrote about my birthday. -Rhianna
I wrote two pages in my writer's notebook. -Tyson
Today is Mr. Chan's birthday. -Jolene
We're gonna go to music right now! -Olivia

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