Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Substitute Teachers!

We had a substitute teacher for gym and this morning. We were in gym when the fire drill rang. We went outside to the back in gym. -Tristan
In gym the substitute teacher taught us a new game called Billy Goat Tag. -Ashley
Ms. Koehn was here this morning and she's nice. -Jadyn
She's a very nice teacher. -Rhianna
She remembered some of our names. She was here til lunch -Peyton
Ms. Koehn is fun! -Taylor
Ms. Koehn is the sister of my neighbour. -Jolene
We had our second fire drill. -Cole
We went outside when the fire bell rang. We waited outside for another bell. -Nicholas
Today we learned about shapes. Two people read a story to people in groups. They read their book over and over to different groups. -Ashley
We're doing shape stuff in Math. -Cameron
We have 3 play structures. Yesterday was our day. -Sam
We had fun today. -Rylee


Ms. Nairn said...

Hello Grade 1 & Students,

I checked out your blog and noticed that we have a guest teacher in common. I teacher grade 2 at Harold Hatcher School, and Ms. Koehn has also been a substitute for my class. She mentioned that your class had a blog, which is another thing our classes have in common. My students will be checking out your blog on Monday. Good luck with your blog comment homework!

Ms Nairn

Anonymous said...

My dad is a firefighter and he says it is very important to practice fire drills. We have an escape plan at home in case there was a fire.


Anonymous said...

It was neat to have a fire drill.
I found it exciting. I have been taught not to play with matches or get to close to the fire pit.
How many fire drills are we going to have in the year?


Erin Clarke said...

Thanks for the comment about our blog. What is the address of your blog?
-Grade 1 & 2's