Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daily 5 is Awesome!

During Daily 5 we had to do all three things but you got to pick in which order. -Peyton
We listened to reading on the stereo. -Cameron
On Daily 5 I read with the birthday boy. -Tristan
I picked chapter books for Daily 5. -Aliegha
I learned how to read Mom! -Kaspir
We switched our books. -Sydney
I read with Aliegha when it was Read to Someone. -Madeline
It was my birthday today! -Cole
We had cupcakes for snack. -Jadyn
We drew our houses. - Nicholas
Today we had jungle gym! It was AWESOME! -Ashley
We had fun at jungle gym. -Rylee
We had fun! -Sam

It was another busy day in Room 9. The children in our classroom are getting very good at following the expectations for each of their Daily 5 choices. Check back later to see a short video of the Daily 5 in action!

PS - Cole had an AWESOME t-shirt on today! :)

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