Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy Beehive

We had to do lots of writing... and it was fun! -Brandon
We had jungle gym. -Jadyn
We had jungle gym two days in a row. We had three things out of our room: Choir, Gym and Computer Lab-Jolene
We made ourselves into kind of like animals at computer lab. -Nicholas
If we were done our work we did free writing. I was drawing pictures and writing about my room and my cabin. Nine people visited our fridge survey. We had fun. -Tristan
We had choir. -Cole
Gym was fun! -Lindsay
We had a busy day and afternoon. -Taylor
We had fun. The best part was jungle gym! -Sam
We went to computer lab. -Cameron
We were making a movie. -Madeline
We had word work stations. -Ashley

*Note: The most of the titles of our blog posts are given to us by Tyson. I think he might have a career in marketing in his future! :)

The website we visited in the lab today is called Build Your Wild Self and it was created by the New York Zoo. It`s always a favourite!

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Anonymous said...

I like that we can build our favourite animals. I used a turtle, a polar bear, a toucan, a tiger tail, shark fins and arms, and bull horns.