Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Second Day of School

Today we made a glyph. A glyph is when you draw your answers to questions. -Tristan
We went to Music. -Sydney H
Mr. Chan has a new school. He goes back and forth to each school. -Tristan
We finished our dragonfly chart and we finished our dragonflies. We put our heads on them. -Madeline
We did our morning message today. -Aliegha
We took pictures outside. -Jadyn
One of our 3 Be's is Be Responsible. -Nicholas
Be Respectful is another one. -Rhianna
We drew a picture and wrote sentences about summer. -Alexander
We played on the play structure. -Cameron
We read the pictures in our books. -Kendall
We also read the words. -Lindsay
We caught a grasshopper today. -Tyson
I've learned almost all of the names of the children in our class. -Ms. Anderlic

We had another busy and exciting day at school today. We continued reviewing expectations and figuring out what we want our classroom community to be like this year. The children worked together to fill in our dragonfly chart which is part of our Schoolwide Positive Behaviour initiative. Here's a picture of their thinking:
Over the past two days I begun to realize what a gift it is to be able to teach the same children for two years in a row. The 9 students that were in my room last year and have moved on with me have been a tremendous help to me and the children that are with me for the first time. These kids know the routines of our classroom, where to find (and put away) supplies, how our classroom library is organized and many of the other small things that happen in my classroom... and in one of our discussions today they showed just how much they know about me!
Today I watched one of these 9 children show another child where to find the markers and I saw one of them teach another child how to use the hole puncher. These seem like simple things that don't take much time or effort, but they allow me the time to sit and listen to a child read and help another with a word they're trying to write. I'm leaving here tonight feeling very lucky and extremely proud of the children in my classroom. -Mrs. Malkoske

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Mr. H. said...

That's really cool that your class was working on glyphs yesterday - so was our class! The glyphs we made were name tags for the desk bins where the students store their supplies - what kind of glyphs did you make?