Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mad Science!

Mad Science came today. -Aliegha
We're going to learn about planets. -Rylee
They had a card and ripped it. Then she put it on fire and put it in a pot. Then Tyson got it out and it was the card again. -Sydney R
When they put dry ice in the container the lid popped! -Nicholas
When they put dry ice up against a plate it made a noice. -Cole
Then Mr. Chan said eeeeeeekkkkk! -Sydney R
They did lots of experiments. -Peyton
They put a fire in a bottle and they put an egg on top. Then the Mr. Eggbert squeezed in and the fire went out. Then she blew in the bottle and Mr. Eggbert came out. -Madeline
They brought a friend that was an egg (Mr. Eggbert). -Ashley
She put a leaf blower and it blew in her face. Then balanced a ball in the air with it. -Sydney H
She put a hair dryer on and a ping pong ball on top and balanced it. -Kendall

Note to Parents: Mad Science will be offering a before school club at our school beginning in October. Information is coming home tonight in your child's Back and Forth folder.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I liked Mad Science.
I like doing experiments with
my Dad.
Is science their favorite thing to do?
Sydney R