Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pay It Forward Day!

Today is Pay It Forward Day! Here are some ways that you can pay forward kindness:
1. Share stuff that you're using
2. Listen to people when they talk to you
3. Pay for someone's coffee
4. Say please and thank you
5. Include people that look lonely
6. Give something to someone when they need it (like getting someone's notebook for them)
7. Say "Hi" to people
8. Help a friend
9. Share a table
10. SMILE :)
11. Help someone look for something they need
12. Open the door for someone
13. Help someone who is hurt  (like get them ice)
14. If someone is bored, include them
15. Push in someone's chair for them
16. Use put ups
17. Wash the dishes for your Mom
18. Rake the leaves for your parents
19. Give someone a hug!
20. Take care of someone
21. Do the laundry for your Mom
22. Say "Good morning" to someone

Our challenge to you is to see how many things you can do to Pay It Forward today! Leave a comment to share what you did!

Here's a link to the Pay It Forward Day website... there are lots more ideas there!

Here is the music video for the song "Send It On"... a perfect song for today!

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