Friday, April 12, 2013


On monday a few people are going to come in with cameras. We are going to be on tv or radio.  The poeple that are coming are going to interveiw us and we're going to FAMOUS! After they come we are going to celebrate. But during when they are here we also have to talk if they ask us. The girls will probably be a little bit fancy with clothes and there hair. we will be embaresed to speek and to go on tv or radio. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So embaresing. I'm going to scream on monday morning but I'm still a bit excited. -Sydney, Rhianna and Elly

Mr. Barkman is the boss of the school division. There is also another boss that's like his boss. Her name is Mrs. Allan. She's the boss of all the schools in Manitoba. Mr. Gould is coming. He is a vice president of Manitoba Teacher's Society. That's pretty cool. -Elly

They are going to have a table set up and they are going to give a speech. Then we are going to show them how we do Daily 5 and our blog. We're going to be working on our new book that we're making. We'll use the iPad, the laptops and notebooks. -Kaspir

While they are here doing their speeches, we'll listen to them. Then we'll work on Daily 5. They might walk up to you and ask you a question. And it will be fun. -Rylee

They are going to be here for about half an hour. They might be here for recess. While they are here, all we're going to do is talk to them. -Rhianna


Mrs. Lowe said...

We just listened to your teacher on the radio. Mr. Anderson was right, you do have a cool teacher! Also, we are excited to participate in your instagram project :)
Mrs. Lowe's class

Anonymous said...

So cool Room 9 ... we knew something special was happening over there!!!!

Enjoy the festivities and your 'moment of fame'! We'll be watching and cheering you on! You are AWESOME!

And congratulations Mrs. Malkoske ... we knew you were a 'gem'! Enjoy this time, celebrating the AWESOME things you do in Room 9!

AWESOME news everyone!!!

Love Alexander's Mom (Mrs. Angus)