Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day of Pink!

Today is the Day of Pink. It all happened a while ago when a new boy to a school was wearing a pink shirt because it was his favourite shirt and a few other people were bullying him and calling him mean names. He got upset and felt sad. So then these two boys from grade 12 heard about it and one night they went to the mall and got as many pink shirts as they could. Then on April 10 they handed them out to each grade 12 student as they walked in. Their message to the bullies was that they stand up for each other. -Rhianna
Today some kids at George Waters Middle School in St James made a nice message on a heart and attached was a candy bag. They gave them to every single person in their school. So we decided that every Wednesday we'd make or do something for a class in our school so they feel special. -Syd
We made magnets of nice words and I think it's special to someone. We gave them to our learning buddies. -Sam
The Day of Pink means to stop bullying and be nicer and friendlier to each other so if you're getting bullied stand up for yourself. Stand up for others and help them have a great day. -Reegan
Today we read a story and we listened to the song. Mrs. Malkoske was showing us the pages. It's an old song. It's about being nice and one of them a girl had braces. -Nick

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