Thursday, April 11, 2013


this week we've been hoping that winter is going to go away soon beacause we want spring and some people are already wering sunglasses. were sick of winter. we want spring to begin beacause sring is hot weather  and spring is nice and warm beacause after spring comes summer and we have no school for 8 weeks and also we want to stay at school and school is fun beacause we make art projects. we are sick of winter beacause it is cold and you have to dress up. we want nice warm weather. we all want to come to school in shorts and tanktops. we want to see spring out are big window instead of slush and the snow. so we made an art project and so we can see spring all around our classroom . so we made something springy. are art project is makeing flowers that rise in spring. some of the flowers were daisys and tiger lillies and some were roses and tulips. and that was our art project. we also want spring so we can jump in the puddles. we are sick of - 18 and up.

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Anonymous said...

Erin Great job with the blog, heard you on CJOB this morning, you have come a long way from Princess Margaret, we sure loved you there too.

Mrs. Malkoske's Class, ask her about Monarch Butterflys, maybe she can get some larva for you.

Take great Care
the Friesens
(Michelle (Gr 10, Scott Gr8)