Monday, April 15, 2013

Education Week Launch!

Today we had 25 visitors to our classroom to do there presentation. They were so happy to be here. -Rhianna
Today a bunch of people came to the classroom. They took a million of pictures and they made some speeches. -Sydney
The visitors had video cameras. They took some pictures. The pictures might be in the newspaper and on some websites. -Kayla
After the speeches we came to the carpet and the visitors watched. We got our paper for our animals and my partner was Jonathan. Our animal was lizards. Me and Jonathan were on the computer and a lady was taking a picture of us. This other lady was asking about what our animal was. We were looking up lizards and she was a very nice lady to us. I kind of had fun doing it. -Nick
After the visitors left Mrs. Malkoske poured us some apple juice and gave us two cookies to eat and when we were done eating we put our cups beside the sink. -Reegan
Mr. Job from the Manitoba Teachers' Society gave us some books for letting the visitors come. Two were Robert Munsch books and one wasn't. The other one was called "The Hug". -Karys
There was a big poster in the classroom and I didn't know what it was for. The person in the picture is Nancy Allan. She's the Minister of Education. -Elly

Today was a very busy day in Room 9! The children and I welcomed a lot of visitors into our room to help launch Education Week in Manitoba. They counted 25 adults "wearing a lot of suits" :) Our guests were from many different associations and groups connected to Education in Manitoba. There were a few photographers there as well and as soon as I know where our story can be found, I'll post links here.

As always, the kids did a wonderful job of making our visitors feel welcome and sharing their learning with them. They showed our guests a little glipse of how we work in our classroom as the kids began researching for their next book. They showed how they use books, computers, iPads and other devices to search for information and share thier learning... and they were AWESOME!

This morning I was asked to talk a little bit about Education Week and some of the things we do in our classroom on CJOB radio. Here is a clip of Hal Anderson and I talking about Room 9:

My Dad heard the radio spot and immediately emailed Hal Anderson because he's a proud Dad. Hal then shared the email on air during the wrap up for the show! Here's the clip:

Today was a big day for kids, our school, myself and many teachers around the province. This week we get to celebrate what we do... the BEST job in the world!
-Ms. Malkoske


Anonymous said...

You guys are famous!!! Well done, and how lucky you are to have such an awesome teacher!!
Eryn McFee

Eva Brown said...

Hello to all students in Ms. Malkoske's class,

I am so excited for you! YOU are so AMAZING! I can hardly wait until you come to College to my class as you are changing the world. I hope that Education Week for you will be "Education Life" and that you will be lifelong learners. I know you will enjoy reading the Robert Munsch books--he is one of my favourite authors. Please continue what you are doing everyday. You are definitely FAMOUS!
Eva Brown

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Boychuk here. I felt so lucky to be in your classroom the morning of your big day. It was so exciting...and a little scary...even for me! You should all be so proud of yourselves. You're showing the world how smart and creative you are. Thank you for sharing your talents!!