Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bag Up Manitoba Results and Snowflakes!

Today we found out the  Bag Up Manitoba results. The bag up total for the winning school was over 42 000 bags! The school's name was Victor Wyatt. Click on the link above to read about all of the winning schools! -Elly
On Thursday we made snowflakes with pattern blocks. They have six sides that are the same. It was fun! -Karys
We made a project. We made snowflakes out of blocks. I think it was pretty fun. -Sam
All the snowflakes are the same. They are symmetrical. It means they have the same sides. -Jonathan
On Monday we made our snowflakes out of paper and blocks with our learning buddies. It was a really fun day. -Nick
 I made a snowflake with my buddy. The first time it didn't work because it only looked like it had 5 sides. So we tried again and this time it was pointy and then Mrs. Kosolowski took a picture when we finished. They said switch and we made paper snowflakes and the paper snowflakes were trickier. My snowflake had triangles and rectangles and tiny squares. It was fun. -Rhianna


K.Oddy said...

i like the idea of making snow flakes out of pattern blocks. It was so fun making the snow flakes. From Kaelan

Joanne Marie Babalis said...


Our class visited your blog today during our morning meeting. The students thought that your snowflakes were beautiful.

Please visit our blog too!



Ms. Babalis and Mrs. Ham's Class
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada