Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Plasticine People

Today in the library Mrs. Malkoske and Mrs. Oddy were helping us do our eyes. We did our colour eyes, nose, pupil and eyebrows. We finished our hair. We did our shirts. -Nick
I did my skirt and my tights and my face. I had eyelids, eyes and a mouth. I felt really good. -Ella
Today we did our plasticine art and Mrs. Malkoske was sitting at the brown table with their eyes and mouths. I had a fantastic day. -Kaspir
Today we worked on our plasticine people. We were going to do it yesterday but we didn't have much time so we did it this morning. Some of the girls got to stay in for recess to put on their noses and finish up thier faces. In the library, everybody else finished up. -Syd
Today I did my mouth, and my eyes, and my lips. -Kayla


JH said...

Your art is looking amazing - I can hardly wait to see the finished product! We might have to 'borrow' your idea ;)

T. Oddy said...

Hi Room 9!! Your plasticine project is coming ALIVE! Your colour mixing, detailed eyes including pupils and lids, the various details of "curly cue" hair, ears, nose and striped shorts & ties... You are all AWESOME! This is the most fabulous project I have seen!
Love, Mrs. Oddy

Val Frederick said...

This project is very cool! You are fantastic artists