Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today we had a Field Trip

Today we went on a field trip. We went to a high school and we made bug houses. My favorite part was hammering.It was so fun. At the high school I hammered nails and Aliegha and some other girls in my group hammered nails. There were two older boys who helped us. We had to go in groups. The people in my group were Aliegha, Taylor, Ashley, Lindsay and Sydney H. Mrs. Kosalouski's class came with us to build the bug boxes too! When we were on the bus I sat by Madeline. When we want back to the school I sat by Madeline and Ashley.On the bus we played I spy. When we were building our bug houses I was very hungry because we had no snacks when we were building our bug houses. We had to hammer in the nails. When I was trying to hammer the nails in the wood my nail kept on bending. Sometimes the nail went strait and sometimes the nail bended. At the field trip when I was hammering the first time it kept bending but at the end I did it perfectly. One time when I was hammering the nail the nail was bending and I hammered the nail that was bent in the wood. The boy tried to get out the bent nail but he could not so he had to use a hammer. When I hammered the nail it kept on bending but when Aliegha was hammering the nail Aliegha did not bend it. At the field trip it was so fun. The smell of the wood smelled good. On the bus I was so hungry and tired. At the high school when we were building our bug house there were people hammering so it was very loud. The field trip was AWESOME!!!!! Everyone had a good time.
-Madeline and Aliegha

Here's a little video of our trip:

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