Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bird's Hill Park!

Today we took a trip to Bird's Hill Park... here are some pictures from our morning!

Today we went to Bird's Hill Park. Our bus was bus 11. When we got to Bird's Hill Park we took a path called Chickadee Trail. After we were done we had lunch and we heard a song. -Nick
When we were at Bird's Hill Park I was holding Sam's hand almost the full way. When we got back we ate lunch and the bathrooms were really funny. -Jadyn
I sat with Nick on the way there. On the way back I sat with Sam. Sam was really funny. When I said look the camera took a picture, he said, "Unbelieveable!" When we got off the bus we got to play for a while. The Chickadee was a huge circle. I got really tired. Before we went down the trail someone came and told us some things like there might be wild animals and you're not allowed to pick up the things you see because they could be really dirty. I found some things that were really interesting like curled trees and bushes with berries on them. -Rhianna
We ate bannock with jam and butter. We went on a hiking trail. My favourite part was when we went on the big hill. -Brandon
I found many little flowers. Lots of people found me some. I liked them all. On the beginning we had a little snack and then listened to the lady and we went on the Chickadee Trail. -Cameron

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Anonymous said...

Thank-you Jadyn for holding Sam's hand during the walk. You are a good friend. I am glad he made you laugh. Sammy told me when he got home that his feet and eyeballs hurt. One from walking so much and the other because he had to have his eyes peeled.
Sounds like the class had a super time!