Friday, April 13, 2012


Yesterday we made totem poles. Totem poles are those things that are carved out of wood. But the totem poles that we made were made out of paper. We had to put animals on our totem poles that is what the aboriginal people did. My animals were bear wolf bison deer and salmon. Bear means courage wolf means hummility bison means respect deer means honest and salmon means family. this week we also had faimly groups and at first I thoght it was going to be boring because it looked boring but it wasin't it was so fun. Acouple days ago we did calendar math. We went all the way to april. After that we had to put in the celebrations one of the celebrations we filled in was easter! We had family groups acouple days ago we had family groups because it was wear pink day. Pink day was so fun. - Cole and Tyson

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