Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bunnies and More

Today we had a subistute and at the end of the day we had computer lab and I had lots of fun.- Kaspir
Today in computer lab I did 2 blog posts. You could have done a wordle but I did not. In the computer lab I sat beside Cole. When we checked the eagles today there was a fly on the eagles back feather. In gym we learned how to play 4 square. There were 5 people in each square and there were 4 squares. -Peyton
This morning I got to show my pictures. Alot of people laughed. In the morning we wrote what we would do if we were a bunny. Then we had to trace and cut out the bunny paws, head and feet. - Syndey R
Today we had a subistute. Her name is Mrs. McAuley and she is very nice. Ms. Anderlic showed us how to make a bunny. First we made a rough copy and then we put it on a piece of paper and then glued a pink piece of paper to put on the back. We glued the head, paws and feet on the piece of paper. We got to color the words and the bunny. -Ashley
Today my favourite part was making the bunnies because it is my favourite animal and you get to think what your going to do if you were a bunny. We played bunnies at recess and we pretended that there were eagles trying to catch us. -Cameron
At recess we played hockey. Most of the boys played hockey and most of the girls played ringette. We won 3-2. - Tristan

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