Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Fun!

My Dad came in the morning to read a book. It was called "Goodnight Gorilla". When I was little he used to read it all the time to me. There's a lot of picture. -Taylor
Today it was the first day of my Star of the Week. I brought my gecko in. All the people got to touch him in our class. His name is Bart. We grew crystals last week. -Tristan
When Tristan was handing Bart around, after Cameron already had his turn Bart kept jumping back on Cameron. Me and Madeline went on the new iPad and we did our word work on there. Everytime we did a letter it went ding ding and made sparkles. We were using the app Paint Sparkles. -Ali
Today Tristan brought his gecko in and he was a crested gecko. He was soft. -Kaspir
In the morning brought his pet gecko and Tristan held Bart upside down and he put Bart on his face. One of Bart's feet almost went in Tristan's mouth. -Sydney R
I got to hold Bart and he crawled up my arm and once jumped on me. He was soft and he is only two months old. His eyes were a bit big. -Rhianna
Today when Tristan brought Bart he brought him to the carpet and he jumped on me. Tristan meant to make him jump on me. -Cole
When I held Bart he climbed up my arm he was really soft and he was really smooth. -Sydney H
Today we took the crystals out of the thing that we put them in. When we took them out they looked like plants, like those bushes that things usually hide in. The bottom of the glass was all crystals. -Tyson
I got to use the iPad and Mrs. Malkoske and me we were playing a game and Mrs.Malkoske told me some letters and I had to make words. -Nick
Today I did word work on the iPad. My partner was Lindsay and we did Glow Colouring to do our words. I picked the colour blue. -Jadyn
Today I showed my horse and my pig house and we also coloured our totem pole. -Rylee
Today we got new iPads. I did word work. It was fun. -Cameron

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