Monday, April 2, 2012

The First Day Back After Spring Break!

Today at the start of the day we had library. Lots of people forgot their books in our classroom but lots of them came back to the library. I got Lizards and Dragons. -Tristan
Mrs. DeBruyn said we're doing something new. If the book is good we get to put a sticker in it and a sticky note on it and write something on it. Then we put it on a shelf so other people can see that it's good. -Jadyn
You can put a happy sticker on it of different colours inside the book so you know you like it. Then when you like it you put a sticky heart on the first page. -Sam
In library there were animals. After we got to pick our books we picked an animal. I didn't pick one. I got two books. -Taylor
At library there's a game that's called word scramble. A person has to guess the word on the board and when they guess the word Mrs. DeBruyn will put a new word. Today at the library I picked two books when we were sitting down to read. I like both of them so much so I asked if I could put both of them on the shelf. -Rhianna
Today we did Daily 5. We did Work on Writing the whole time. I was with Mrs. Green because Mrs. Green picked me. -Nick

Welcome back room 9 families! It is so good to see all the smiling sun tanned faces.
The kids were eager to share their spring break stories and we let them do so by writing about it during daily 5. As part of my block I will be teaching about begining, middle and end and I thought a good way to start this off would be by having the children write about their spring break using this format. I introduced terms that indicate the beginning, middle and end of a story and I was so pleased to hear the children using them. I am excited to be back for a month and can't wait to see what the days ahead will bring. -Ms.Anderlic

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