Monday, April 9, 2012

Journeys and More!

Today we began working on our AAA Initiative Journey's project. This year our focus is on personal and physical journeys. Each classroom in our school will be talking and learning about journeys using totems and by studying a form of trasportation. Today we started by brainstorming a little bit about what a Journey is using Lino It to collect our thoughts. Later we'll go back and add to it. Here's our board:

We also watched the Harold Hatcher Seven Teachings Video. Here is a preview from YouTube:

In the video there was talking about all of the animals and what they represent. My animal was coyote and it represented trickster. -Tristan
I picked eagle because I wanted to. Eagle means love. -Nick
Today we watched a video and they were talking about seven animals. I was like the bear because I showed pictures in front of everybody in the class a lot and that takes courage. -Lindsay
In the video there were seven animals. There was an eagle, bison, bear, bigfoot, beaver, wolf and turtle and they all mean something. I had a lot of ones that were like me. Mrs. Malkoske made a different list of animals too. -Taylor
I picked a coyote and a turtle. The coyote is trickster and the turtle is truth. -Ali
We got to choose animals, which kind, then we wrote about it in our notebooks. -Sam
We got to pick our animals. I was the eagle because I love my family and I see things far away. -Kaspir
The video was made by children in a school not far away from ours. -Jolene
I hope that you decide to watch the video because it's really cool. -Rylee
I picked two animals. The first one is a squirrel because I like to get things done and I also like to collect shells at the beach. The other one I picked was a coyote because I like to trick my brother Griffin. The squirrel means gathering and the coyote means trickster. -Sydney R
I am like the eagle because I love my family. -Cam

Here is the list of animals and what they represent:

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Anonymous said...

I never knew the significance of the animals featured on a totem pole before!!! Thank you for enlightening me! I have a whole new appreciation for their meanings! From now on, when I see a totem pole, I'll be thinking about the animals on it and what they mean! Very informative and interesting! Thanks for sharing and posting on the blog! :) Mrs. Barnes