Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eagle Eyes!

Today after lunch and at the end of the day we checked out the eagles again. We saw him feeding the eaglets and we saw a dead fish. Yesterday we saw a dead rabbit. We went on a site that tells you what a male and a female eagle are like. The female is bigger than the male but usually it's the male being bigger with other animals. -Tristan
Today the Mom or the Dad moved and I saw the chicks. -Nick
The baby eagles are cute. They are white. -Cameron
Today Mrs. Malkoske at the end of the day, she put on the eaglets and we are watching them right now. The big eagle is right in front of the camera so we can't see the baby eaglets. -Kaspir
When we were watching the eagles one of the little eaglets was on the side of the nest and the other two were with the mom or the dad. The mom or the dad moved over and we got to see all the eaglets. -Sydney R
One of the mom or the dad was picking up stuff and digging a hole in the nest. -Sam
The little eaglets were laying down and up playing a little bit. One of the little eaglets is very small and cute. They are white and grey. -Taylor
We can't tell if it's the mom or dad. The mom is bigger. -Peyton
We are watching the eagles and right now the eagle is making a hole and the babies are waiting to see what she's doing. Before she was feeding the babies and now she made a hole for the babies to go in. Now she's on top of them because it got windy again. They can still breathe because it's not all on them. -Ashley
We watched the Ustream of eagles and before the baby eaglet was not really close to the mom. He tried to hop back but he kept falling. -Jadyn
The eagles nests are really, really big and the bald eagles that are the mom and dad are white and black. -Rhianna

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Ms. Wasney said...

Hi Grade 1s & 2s!

We are hooked on watching the eagles too! We found out another way to tell the adult eagles apart. The female has some grey feathers around her eye . . . like she's wearing eyeshadow! But it's really hard to notice on the video!

Did you hear about the baby bear that was found in St. Malo, Manitoba?

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