Friday, December 13, 2013

Gifts of Grace

Today we watched a video called "Gifts of Grace" that was sent to us by Regan's mom. Here it is:

When the video finished I said, "We should help them collect new or gently used mitts and buy some candy to put in the mitts." -Cali
I have lots of candy and I think my Mom can buy some new mitts. -Cole
At home me and my Mom and my sister made two shoe boxes and we put some medicine and some candy in it and a toy car. They go far, far away somewhere where people don't have any food or anything. -Matt G
I think this is a good idea because it can help a lot of people have a shelter and food and keep them warm. -Sofia
At my church, where I go to catacism, we have this thing where every class had to bring something and my grade two class had to bring some toothbrushes or one toothbrush and it was for people who don't have anything far away. They ship it there. -Katrina

Our class is going to help Grace with her project next week. We are asking for each family in our classroom to donate one pair of adult size mitts or gloves (or even socks). Ms. Clarke will take care of buying some candy to put in them. If you have some left over Halloween candy (small packs of wrapped candy) that you would like to donate as well, of course that is welcome too. Ms. Clarke will arrange for pick-up or delivery of our mitts by Friday, December 20. Thank you!
-Ms. Clarke

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Unknown said...

Dear Students & Families in Ms. Clarke's Class,

First off you are an AWESOME group of kids!

Thank you for watching my video and wanting to help the homeless. It makes me feel happy when I see other kids want to help!

Helping others makes your heart smile!

This weekend I will make you a special Mitten Collection box to collect all of your AWESOME mitts.

Lots of Love,