Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Caterpillar Adventure!

Yesterday we got caterpillars. We got containers and Ms. Clarke mixed the food. Then we put the food in the containers and poked holes with a tack in the lid. Then we got a paint brush and we put two caterpillars in each container. -Karys

Today when we got to school, the caterpillars were getting a little bigger. Danika took a picture of the caterpillars for Instagram. We are learning about Instagram. When we started doing Instagram Jonathan and Karys took pictures. -Anna

Today before the announcements we had to write in our Butterfly Journals about what they looked like and what they are doing. You have to draw a diagram and we're going to count how many days we keep them for. -Kayla

Some of our caterpillars are small, and some are a little bit bigger than others. Some have already shedded their skin, but some haven't. -Maddy

Yesterday when we got the caterpillars we were all excited! There were 86 caterpillars but some died. There were more caterpillars than last year. -Matt D

Right now they are all larvae. Next they make a chrysalis/pupa. Then they slowly start to come out of their chysalis and then they sit on their chysalis to let their wings dry. Then they will lay some eggs and die. Then it happens all over again. -Dylan W

When they are all full grown, we are going to let them go free. -Nick

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