Monday, September 21, 2015

Today we read the book "Stick and Stone". It is all about being a good friend. The kids of Room 9 did some thinking and talking about what makes a good friend. Here are their ideas:

Good friends are kind and they share the toys. ~Colin
Making new friends is good. ~Henning
Good friends are nice. If somebody didn't know how to read, you could help them. ~Ella
Good friends are respectful. ~Katya
Be thankful for your friends. ~Tristin
Be helpful to people. Don't fight with your friends. Friends stand up for each other. Be good to one another. ~Jaelyn
Listen to what your friends are saying. ~Megan
Don't hit your friends. ~Cavanaugh
Share books with each other. Help people when they get hurt. Friends go to the park together. You can teach someone to pump on the swings.~Chelsea
Friends play together. ~Maggie
Share everything. ~Grayson
Friends play tag. ~Eli
Friends make things for each other. ~Cara
Friends play nicely together. ~Nia
Friends have playdates. ~Masen
Friends play. ~Sophie
Friends are caring. ~Eben

This is our very first class blog post of the school year! The kids of Room 9 are not totally sure about what blogging is, but everyone was excited to share their ideas and see their name on the big screen :)

The Kids of Room 9 are terrific friends and show kindness, play together, help each other and get along so well in and out of our classroom. I feel so lucky to be a part of this group this year. Stay tuned... ~Ms. Clarke

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Inga said...

These are some really great ideas Room 9! I can tell that you are all good friends! Good job!