Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Centres!

This week we were doing Christmas Centres. There were groups. There was a group called Christmas Trees, Presents, Stockings, Snowmen, and Ornaments. -Reegan
Today my Christmas Centre was Reindeer puppets and you need a paper bag, googly eyes, ribbon, a bell, a leash that had his name, and paper and glue. -Ella
This week the Christmas centres that I went to are Reindeer Puppets, Reindeer Ornaments, Wreaths, and Snowglobes. My favourite one so far was the snowglobes. -Syd
Yesterday my group made snowglobes. First I went to the painting. You had to trace a paper and my mom put it on our little Christmas tree. -Nick
Today I had a great day. We did reindeer. I think it was pretty fun. -Sam
My group went to these centres: Christmas Cards, Christmas Wreath, Snowglobes, and today we did Reindeer Puppets. -Elly
Today is our second last day of Christmas Centres. My centre today was Christmas Cards. It was finger stamping and your hands got really dirty. The other one was cutting out magazine pieces. You had to stick them on to another card. On the inside you had to write a Christmas notes to one of your family or friends or someone you know. You got to pick the colour you wanted your card to be. -Rhianna
Today we had Christmas Centres and I was in the present group. We made Reindeer. -Brandon
Today we had Christmas Centres and I made a wreath. I had to trace my hands and we had to glue them on to the paper cardboard thing. -Jonathan
Today we did Christmas Centres. We've done it since Monday. Tomorrow is our last day. Each group needs to make one more thing. Our group will make Christmas Cards. Today I did snowglobes. -Rylee


Barb Delviken said...

Elly ~ Your Craft Centres sound GREAT :) You are so Lucky to have a Teacher with so many WONDERFUL ideas! Your home will look so Festive with all these Beautiful Crafts :)

Grandma Delviken~Elly's Grandma from Chilliwack B.C.

Anonymous said...

Dear Room 9 children and Mrs. Malkoske,

Thank you so much for inviting me into your classroom to help with the Christmas Craft Centres! I had so much fun helping and watching you create your AWESOME Christmas decorations ... you are one talented and crafty group!

Merry Christmas to you and your families and may 2013 bring you peace and joy!!!

Alexander's Mom, Susanne Angus