Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sharing Our Learning with the World!

This morning we took some time to check out some of the comments that have been left for us on our blog. One of them came from a teacher, Ms. Babalis, in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She and her class came across our blog via Mrs. Lowe's blog. Mrs. Lowe is a teacher in St. James who visits our blog with her class regularly. She is someone that I have been able to connect with on Twitter and in person at a variety of workshops and professional development sessions.

During our morning meeting today, the kids and I looked at both Ms. Bablis's Blog and Mrs. Lowe's Blog . We checked out their posts about snowflakes. Mrs. Lowe saw a picture of our snowflakes on Twitter and sent me a message asking how we created them and if I thought her kindergarten students would be able to create them as well. Once they tried, she sent us a link to their blog post about it.

Ms. Bablis follows Mrs. Lowe's blog regularly and saw their snowflakes and then saw that they were inspired by our blog, so she and her students visited us and left a comment. Very cool connections.

The children in Room 9 were very impressed that by sharing their work, they inspired others to create something beautiful. Each classroom created symmetrical snowflakes in a slightly different way and then shared them with each other. And that's a little bit of AWESOME :)

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Mrs. Lowe said...

Thanks so much! I think it is awesome too! This is the kind of collaboration I tell teachers about when they ask if blogging is worth their time.

Have you checked out Ms. Babalis' "We Can See" blog yet? Our project will be posted there soon. More great collaboration between teachers and students.

Mrs. Lowe