Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reindeer Snacks!

Today in the morning we made Reindeer Snacks. You have to use a graham cracker and then put chocolate icing on it. Then you stick a chocolate chip in a marshmallow to make eyes, and a swedish berry for the nose, then two pretzels for the antlers. -Syd
I felt awesome about it. I got all messy. -Cali
The best part was making the eyes. -Sam
Here are the ingredients that you need:
3 graham crackers
6 chocolate chips
6 marshmallows
chocolate icing
3 swedish berries
6 pretzels
That will make 3 reindeer. You can make more if you want you just need to use more stuff. -Elly 
It tasted really good. I ate one and I had a fun day. -Nick
My favourite part of making the reindeer was getting messy. -Karys
When we started to make them, after I was done, I ate one. Then I ate the other two at lunch. I had a fun day. -Reegan
Today my favourite thing was making it because we got to scrape everything on and put stuff on it by ourselves. It was fun. -Ella
The reindeer looked like Rudolph because they had a red nose, antlers, and icing that looked like fur. But it doesnt feel furry. -Rylee


JH said...

That looks so delicious - it's making me hungry!

Barb Delviken said...

Love your Reindeer Snacks Elly :)
Happy New Year to all the Students in Room 9 and your Teachers :)