Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Olympics!

We first read a story about the Olympics. The story was called Magic Tree House Hour of the Olympics. There's two kids named Jack and Annie and there's this magic treehouse that just randomly got there. They went in it and there was this librarian. After 4 missions they got thier library cards. They went on thier fourth mission and appeared to ancient Greece. There's like this spear throwing (javelin), and a horse riding one (chariots). Jack could participate but there was no girls allowed in any of the olympic sports. Annie could not go. -Dylan R

Annie dressed up as a soldier so she could go see the Olympics. There were some men and they had to run in medal things. -Matt G

There were boys that dressed up as girls when they were acting. Annie was waving at Jack when she was dressed up as a boy. -Nick

In the computer lab we were talking about the Olympics. On our wiki Ms. Clarke added a new thing that was about the Olympics. There were three websites:

Canadian Olympic Team
Sochi 2014
Sochi 2014 Mascots

 There was one where you could go on it and look at all the countries and look at some people who are going to the Olympics. The mascots one you could press on them and they would have a little video. -Maddy

While we were in the computer lab, I was looking at the Canadian Olympic Team. I was searching Patrick Chan. I found out how old he was, where he was born, and a whole bunch of other stuff. -Cali

On the mascots one the little video was in Russian. At the bottom, the words were in English. -Kayla

In the Olympics, they have a torch relay. They run around lighting everybody's other torches. They're taking it all over Russia. -Dylan W

Instead of reading the words at the bottom, I couldn't really read them because it looked like a bunch of letters connected. So I just watched the video, and I could understand it without reading the words. -Jonathan

Ms. Clarke's friend's niece was a torch bearer. She got to run with the torch when it was in Winnipeg in 2010. -Cole

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JH said...

I loved your post today - I checked out the link you posted to the Olympics mascots page. I learned a lot of interesting facts about mascots from the past! I think my favourite is Waldi the dachshund from the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. Which mascot is your favourite?