Monday, April 14, 2014

Digital Footprints

Did you know digital footprints are all the tools we use online? Mine are ABCya, Kidblog, Blogger, Wikispaces, Instagram and all the apps on the iPods. -Cole

Today we looked at Ms. Clarke's digital footprint by searching her name on Google. Then she searched me, Carter, Jackson, Gavin, Karys, and Dylan R. We found that I was on the internet for skating, Carter was on the front page of a magazine for fishing, Jackson was in a catalog, Karys was on 200 Awesome Days, and Dylan R and Gavin were on for hockey. -Cali

Don't put bad stuff on the internet because if you do, if you are trying to get a job, the boss is going to look up your name and see what you posted. When you are little, don 't put your last name if you're writing a blog. -Maddy

Don't put personal information online. Post appropriate pictures. Be kind to other people. Don't post any pictures of other people if they don't want. -Dylan R

Tell the truth when you post stuff. -Dylan W

Today we had an amazing conversation about the different things that we do on-line from the apps we use to blogging to Instagram to Google. The kids of Room 9 know a lot about the tools they use, the ways they share their learning, and how to connect with others in a safe and responsible way.

On April 16 & 17 I will be away from our classroom attending and presenting at the Manitoba Teachers Society Conference on Technology called "Awakening Possibilities". On Wednesday evening I will be doing an IGNITE talk called "Little Feet, Big Footprints: Builing a positive digital footprint with young children". (Ignite talks are 5 minute presentations where the presenter gets 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds). Today the Kids of Room 9 helped me to get my thoughts together for the presentation and to take some pictures for my slides. Here are a couple of screen shots from my presentation... These are some of the "rules" we follow when posting things online together in order to create a positive digital footprint. -Ms. Clarke

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Anonymous said...

Room 9 you are so smart! You have a great teacher that certainly has a technology talent and we are all so lucky that we benefit from it! Those lessons sure work well for me too, thank you for sharing!

Keep up the thoughtful footprints!

From Mrs. Oddy