Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lots of Bugs!

Today we did math and we had to get papers and we did a little bit of place value. It was fun. -Nick
Yesterday Kendall's Grandma caught a moth and it looked like it had holes in it's wings. It laid lots of eggs. -Jonathon
Today I brought a moth to school. It was ginormous! I'm going to do research on it because I'm doing moths for a project. It looked dead but it actually wasn't. It woke up and started flapping it's wings and stuff. At recess the moth started to lay eggs. We saw the moth laying eggs. It's a Polyphemus Moth. -Kendall & Rylee
Today we did number of the day. We didn't do it for a long time. The grade 2s number was 143. The grade 1s number was 43. We had music. Some of us finished our poster of us sitting and standing. -Sydney H
Today at lunch recess we found a white moth and at last recess we let the white one go. It flew around and then it landed on my cheek. We showed Mr. Chan. The other moth laid eggs. -Sydney R
Today at lunch recess I lost my other canker worm from the morning. The girls found me some. I was happy. I had to go in the classroom to talk about how we're supposed to let the canker worms go. -Cam


Anonymous said...

Tonight, as I was reading your blog, I was thinking about the ways that our days were similar - even though I am on Vancouver Island. Many of you talked about living creatures - moths, canker worms, etc. My day was filled by being amazed by the living creatures that make their home in or close to the ocean. After dinner, as I looked out to the sea, I saw a seal bobbing up and down out of the water. This afternoon, as I looked up to the sky to see a plane pass overhead, an eagle was soaring and landed at the top of the tree near to my office. And then, as I was walking down the road, I had to make sure not to step on any slugs. Thanks for letting me learn about your day and letting me share a little of my day with you. Sandra

Anonymous said...

Cool! Roses are red elephants are gray I hope you are back on monday!

Ps. I hope you are better soon