Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today we went to the computer lab and Mrs. Malkoske said we could go on anything on the wiki because it was our last computer lab. -Nick
Today when I logged in, I went to Wordle and Lindsay and Jadyn did it too. I wrote about summer. When I was done I went to KidBlog and did comments. I started a post. My title was "What I'm going to do in My Summer." -Rhianna
Today we got to have early gym. We watched a movie and it was about dogs. -Lindsay
Today Mrs. Malkoske was cleaning up the classroom and arranging it for next year. We got to take our book boxes home if we wanted to. I couldn't fit everything in my bag. It will be heavy. -Taylor
Today at school we did some packing up. I put my book box and my duotangs in my backpack. -Cam
Today was our first blog back. We haven't blogged for a week and two days. Mrs. Malkoske was sick. She went to the doctor. I missed her. -Rylee
Today in the gym we watched a movie. I sat at the front. It was funny. I had fun. -Kaspir
The movie was Marley and Me. Marley and the other dog went to the dog show. Brody's friend won. She had pugs. -Sydney H
Mrs. Malkoske was sick for 12 days. We had lots of substitutes. She missed field day. -Ali
One of the dogs names was Turbo. The kindergartens were in there. I went to go sit with them. Then they left and Lindsay and Rhianna moved over and we watched the rest of the movie. -Jadyn
Today in the computer lab I went to my KidBlog and Kendal and Rylee were looking at pictures of butterflies, caterpillars and moths. Then I wanted to go and look at pictures of them too. We found really cool ones. We typed in some of the names that we knew of . -Sydney R

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