Friday, June 1, 2012

The Weather

Today in the morning we looked at the weather. It was supposed to be sunny all morning but in the afternoon it was supposed to rain. But it's not raining yet, but it looks like it might. They also said thunderstorms. There were 60%'s and 30%'s and 10%'s. We looked at it again this afternoon and it was a new board but it still said thunderstorms and cloudy. At recess I think I felt one rain drop. It was mostly blue sky but a little bit cloudy. -Rhianna
After last recess we checked the weather. Before it was sunny and now it changed to rain. At 9 o'clock it's supposed to thunderstorms. -Sydney H
At the top of the screen there's a picture of what we were looking at today. Right now at almost 3 o'clock that's the weather page right now. -Tristan
When I was at recess it was very hot. Every time I ran my breath got carried away. -Ali
Today we looked at the weather. It's supposed to rain 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 o'clock. On Tuesday we did a painting of weather that we saw out our car window or house window. I painted a rainbow and I used a little brush. I put a sun. -Jadyn

Today me and Sydney R found a Jipce moth and it liked me. The moth did not eat anything. Every one was crowding us because the moth was so cool. We kept putting the moth on the wall by the garden. When we had recess he was there every time we checked. Each time we found the moth Kendall was the only one that holded it because Sydney R and Rylee were to scard! The moth didn't like to fly. When the bell rang at last recess it flow on the merol on the school we could not get it. - Sydney R & Kendall the moth story!

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