Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Voki Reflections


Today during Daily 5 the kids of Room 9 wrote about how they've grown and changed as readers, writers, listeners, spellers and learners. We started to put our reflections in to Vokis. Here are a couple of our finished products.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs.Malkoske!
After school I made a voki too! For the voice I picked a thing that you have to type and it will say it. Like the one in the blog post that is called "Voki". When will you put my voki thing on the blog like Camerons? It was really fun making the voki's! See you tomorrow!
- Madeline

Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron!

I loved hearing your voice on the blog, and am so proud of how much you have learned this year. Great job, and great teaching Mrs. Malkoske!

Love Mom