Monday, June 4, 2012

Plays, Plays, Yay!

Today we did a play. It was "Gotta Go, Gotta Go!". I was the first caterpillar and the first butterfly. The other caterpillars and butterflies were Olivia, Rhianna and Cameron. I had fun doing the play. We took a little bit longer to do it because we started after the other group. At recess we found canker worms and a caterpillar and we let them go. -Jadyn
When we were doing the play, I was with Mrs. Malkoske. You have to say like the words on the paper. -Nick
When we were doing the play my character was Flower. It was really fun. I was the only flower. -Ali
When I was doing the play I was butterfly #4. I had to put my finger up in the air. I went a lot of times. It was fun. -Cam
I was in Mrs. Malkoske's group. I was caterpillar number 4 and butterfly number 4. I had to put one finger in the air. It was awesome. -Sydney R
Today we did a play. Me and Tyson were Milkweed. I was number 1 and Tyson was number 2. -Lindsay
Today in the afternoon we did a play. There were two groups with 11 and 12. I was in Ms. P's group. In the last half of the group Ms. P had to leave and we had to do it on our own. I got a little mixed up but Olivia helped. -Rhianna
I was butterfly and caterpillar number 3. Whenever somebody said "Me..." I had to say "Me three!" because I was butterfly number 3. Rhianna was the same character as me but she was in another group. -Rylee
In the beginning of inquiry Mrs. Malkoske had some scripts and it was about a book that we read. She put us in groups and we practiced the play. -Taylor
For the play I was narrator 1. My other narrator was one of my friends. I had a lot of times to speak. -Jolene
In the play I was a narrator with Jonathon. I was narrator 2. I got a lot of times to speak. I kept having to say "and they walked just as fast as they could." -Tristan

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