Thursday, May 31, 2012

Outside Blogging!

Today it's the morning before lunch and we're blogging outside in the out of bounds part of the playground. -Rhianna
It is so sunny that we can blog outside. We are having fun because it's so hot. Yay! -Cameron
Today we're blogging outside because we are going to have a guest teacher. Ms. Koehn is coming. Lindsay asked to go outside to blog. -Sydney H
Yesterday there was gardening club and we got to pick out all the weeds. -Ashley
There are bugs crawling everywhere!!! -Kendall
While we are outside blogging I saw a butterfly. It might be a monarch. It is very, very hot outside. -Madeline
It's too hot! -Sydney R
It's really hot and my face already feels like its going to be burning. A spider was crawling to me so I took a rock and led it into a crack. -Ali
Today after Word Work we came outside. It is too hot. -Nick
When we were in garden club we saw a monarch butterfly. -Taylor

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