Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paper Slide Videos!

Hello Room 9 Followers! Here are our Paper Slide Videos about animal lifecycles! The rest will be posted later today. The kids of Room 9 worked hard to research, plan and create these awesome videos. Please leave them a comment!


JH said...

Great job, Grade 1s and 2s! I plan on making some paper slide videos with my students (although I haven't told them yet, so let's keep it a secret!), and I think your videos would be great examples to show to my students before we start. Would that be OK with you?

Anonymous said...

Well, I sure had an interesting morning watching your videos about the lifecycles of the Bearded Dragon, eagles, fish, frogs, geckos and so on.
You are all very knowledgeable about these creatures and I really enjoyed seeing your drawings of the various life stages.

Great job !!!

All the best and keep up the fantastic work.

Gigi (Mrs. Malkoske's dad)

Ms. Nairn said...

Great job Mrs. Malkoske's class! My grade 2 students are also learning about life cycles. I think I will have them watch some of your Paper Slide Videos tomorrow so that they can compare the animals you researched with the ones we have explored. I am very excited to share these with them. Thank you for all your hard work!

Ms. Nairn - Grade 2 Teacher at Harold Hatcher School