Monday, May 14, 2012

The Very Hot Day

Today we went to gym and we played Billy Goat Gruff. Before we started playing there was a fire drill. We went outside in the back and stood out there for about 10 minutes. And when we were coming in I took my shoes off because I thought it was recess but it wasn't. -Jadyn
Today we had math centres and I did money centre and it was fun. -Brandon
When we went to gym me and Rhianna got to sit on the bench and we asked the gym teacher if we could draw on the board and he said yes. -Lindsay
Today in math centres, Brandon, Jolene, Cameron and Tyson were in my group. We started at money and then we went on to the beads and then we went to the ten frames and you had to skip down from 6. Every time you skipped down from 6 you would land on a different number and it always had 6 in it. -Sydney H
In math centres the beads were exciting and first I went to money second the beads, third the ten frames. -Cameron

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