Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paper Slide Video Project!

Last week I was able to attend the Riding the Wave Education and Technology Conference in Gimli, MB as both a presenter and a participant. One of the sessions that I attended focussed on 4 different ways to create videos with kids. The one that caught my attention the most was Paper Slide Video. If you have ever seen a video from the website, you'll know what I'm talking about. Next week the children in our class will create their own Paper Slide Videos about lifecycles. Today we watched this YouTube video that explains how to make this type of video:

The kids in our class will plan, film and edit their own videos next week using our Flip and Ipevo cameras. When we're done we'll post them here!

Today we went to the computer lab and we watched the video up there and then we blogged and we had to blog about animal groups. I did it like a list. I'm going to finish it today. -Jadyn
When we went to computer lab we did a KidBlog about animal groups. The animal groups were amphibians, fish, insects, mammals, reptiles and birds. Mrs. Malkoske put a link to something but I don't know what's on the link yet. I did a big KidBlog. -Rhianna
At computer lab we were doing KidBlog and we were writing about animal groups. I was writing about the animal groups. I said, "We were learning about fish. Fish live in water." -Nick

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