Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making Numbers

Today we were making numbers and you had to do the number and when you're done your number you had to pass it over to the next person. -Nick
When we were doing the numbers I did the hardest number at my table. It was 998. -Ali
Today when we were doing math centres we were doing numbers. At the end we all had to do a number together. It was 3684. One number was 99 and I forget the rest. -Sydney H
The blocks that we were using were called place value blocks. There were ones, hundreds and tens and thousands in some of them. -Kendall
Today at math Tristan came to our table and we had to do numbers and I had fun. -Kaspir
Today we had math. The oldest person made the biggest number and we had 6 people in our group. -Cameron

Can you guess this number?

Taylor and Sam came back today! -Jolene

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