Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Very Hot and Busy Day

Today we had outdoor gym. I played on the play structure. It was fun. -Brandon
In computer lab we went on to the wiki and looked for information about birds. After computer lab we came back in to the class and there was a note that said "I have your stick bugs. Thanks, Sydney R's Mom" -Nick
I went on the monkey bars and after I went to the front play structure and played on the spider web. In the sandbox people were playing shark attack. I was it not a lot but then we had to go for regular recess in the front and I was skipping the whole time. When I came in Mrs. Malkoske put prizes in my bag from Jump Rope. I was surprised I got the prize I wanted. It was a frisbee that lights up. -Rhianna
Today in the computer lab our first job was to write some facts about birds. One of the facts was that when a whole bunch of penguins are in a group it's called a colony. When I was done I went on KidBlog and did a post that was called "My Adventure in the Woods". It was 11 lines. -Tristan
Today when we were looking at the birds I chose bald eagle. When I was playing a game when I was done, I was playing make a flake and I made my flake really tiny. -Sydney H
Today at outdoor gym the grade 4s and kindergarteners came outside too. I saw a kindergartener and she was playing something and I wanted to play too. I asked her if I could play and she said Yes! We played restaurant. She's my friend now. -Rylee
Today we cut out our chameleons and Mrs. Stetson's daughter was helping us. I skipped at recess. -Jadyn
In outdoor gym I went on the monkey bars and on the slide. Then after I just walked around and had a break. -Cameron

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