Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amphibian Facts

Today in inquiry we switched from birds to amphibians. Mrs. Malkoske went on the computer and we looked on The National Geographic Kids website. We looked on Bullfrogs and Red Eyed Tree Frogs and Salamanders and Mexican Axolotl. The Mexican Axolotl looked funny because we saw some pictures and two of them kissing. -Madeline
In the book Amphibians there was a page called "Stay Away" there were two frogs that were blue and black and orange and those are the poisonous frogs. When the predators take a bite they die instantly. -Taylor
Today we were talking about amphibians and there was a page that said that there were frogs as big as your thumb nail and a different page that said a salamander can be as big as a man like Mr. Chan (our music teacher). The best part was that the Mexican Axolotl were kissing. -Jadyn
When Mrs. Malkoske turned the page of the book there was a sign that said "Stay Away". There was two poisonous frogs. -Nick
There were three kinds of amphibians: frogs, salamanders and toads. -Cameron
We watched a video. First we watched a frog video, then a bullfrog, then a salamader (on National Geographic Kids site). -Aliegha
Today we looked up frogs and salamanders. We did some writing about the frogs. -Kaspir
Today Mrs. Malkoske was talking about amphibians. I liked a salamander that had spots. -Brandon
We were reading a book about amphibians and we saw salamanders. We learned that they can blend in really well and they can have orange spots and yellow spots. They are cold blooded and turtles try to eat them. They are born under water, like their eggs are under water when they are born. My favourite is salamders because they are sort of like geckos. -Tristan

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