Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I Love Grade 1 & 2...

It's been a while since I've added "my two cents" to our blog... so here it goes. I know I've posted about why I love teaching before, but over the last week or so I've been able to add to the list many times. Here are 5 more reasons...
1. Growth & Tiny Bloggers - I love this picture! Here is one of my grade one students at our computer during Daily 5 time. He was very excited about getting a new puppy and wanted, needed to share his story. He asked if he could blog about it. It wasn't enough to write it in his notebook and put it back on the shelf, he needed to share his story with a bigger audience. At the beginning of the year writing wasn't his favourite thing to do, now he's a blogger! 
2. Random Acts of Kindness - This next picture is a card that one of my grade 2 students brought in and asked me to take to my niece who is in the hospital. The two girls connected via our classroom KidBlogs and have been blogging and commenting on each other's blogs this year. (My niece, Nora, is in Grade 3 and lives in Grand Forks and asked to be a "Guest Blogger" on our site.) When her blogging buddy heard she was sick, she went home and made her a get well soon card. :)
3. Curiosity - Some of the kids in our class have been conducting Personal Inquiry Projects during Daily 5 time. One of my grade 2s is learning about plants. She's planted marigolds and a bean plant. Everyday she comes in and immediately goes to her 'greenhouse' on our window sill. Each day she giggles and shows how much her plants have grown, carefully waters them and takes a picture. I love when kids get excited about learning about something that they are genuinely intersted in.
4. Gratitude - Yesterday on of my grade 1 students came up to me and asked if she could write a letter during Work on Writing. I asked her who she was writing to and she explained that her Nana was staying with her this week and that she's been putting little notes and messages in her lunch kit all week. She wanted to write a note to Nana to thank her.
5. Weeds in a Cup - Spring time in grade 1 & 2 means lots of "bouquets" for me. Every time a student brings in a fistful of whatever they find outside, we put it in a cup of water and leave it on display for the day. It always makes me smile :)  

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Anonymous said...

It's such a joy and a blessing to have a teacher for our kids that sees the magic in everyday wonders! Thanks for posting! (Mrs. Barnes)