Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Painting Chameleons

Today we had gym. We played basketball and dancing. We have to learn the dance for folk dance. -Sam
Today we read a little bit about reptiles and after we got to finger paint them. We used the three primary colours. They are blue, red and yelllow. On my chameleon I put yellow, purple, blue, green, red and orange. -Jadyn
The chameleons are reptiles just like we're learning. It's special because once they land on something that's a colour, for example like the carpet, they would blend into it so that they could be safe. -Rylee
I painted a chameleon. I used red, blue, purple, orange, yellow and green. They change colours. -Cameron
Today at inquiry, Mrs. Malkoske read us a story about reptiles and then we got to go to our table and write some stuff that we learned and a lifecycle of a reptile. Then we went back to the carpet and Mrs. Malkoske read some more of the story and we wrote some more. -Sydney R
All the chameleons are cute and colourful! -Kendall
Mrs. Malkoske read us the story "The Mixed-Up Chameleon". The author was Eric Carle. When the chameleon said he wanted to be something like an elephant, he turned grey. Then he wanted to be a flamingo and got wings and flamingo legs. -Madeline
My chameleon had a whole bunch of colours like green, purple that were mixed. I had red and blue polka dots. Tomorrow we will cut them out. -Taylor

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