Monday, October 8, 2012

A Room Full of Turkeys!

Today close to the end of the day, we were making turkey hats. The first thing you had to do was go to your table and make a turkey body. Then you got a head band and a red wobble. Then you got your feathers and you stuck them all on. -Rhianna
In the morning when we got to school we listened to a video called Albuquerque Turkey. Everyone sang along. We recorded our voices when we sang the song. -Nick
Today we made turkey hats with feathers out of paper. We put feathers on and glued them an stapled them. We wore them and sang the song. It was awesome! -Cam
I sang the Albuquerque Turkey song and its similar to a song from my old school. It was fun. -Elly
There are a bunch of turkeys in the classroom today. We all got to make a turkey today. The turkey hats had 4 colours for the feathers. I picked one of each and I named mine "Dinner". -Rylee
Today some of the things to do to make the turkey hat was:
1. You had to get a brown piece of paper to twist it like a headband.
2. You staple it together.
3. You trace a turkey body.
4. Then make the beak.
5. Then we made the feathers.
6. Then we had to cut some lines in the feathers to look like real feathers.
7. Then you put it on your head. -Andy
I'm going to get eaten this weekend. -Syd

Here is a picture of some of our "turkeys" and you can hear our recording of the Albuquerque Turkey song!

albuquerque turkey movie from Erin Malkoske on Vimeo.

Today during word work, the children had a special Thanksgiving challenge... they were asked to make the words "Thank You" out of one of our word work or choice time materials. Some of them were very creative. Over the lunch hour I put photos of all of their creations together in the collage below using the Frame Magic app. Each of the kid of Room 9 was given a Thank You card with image on it to write in, and give to someone they'd like to thank. I can't wait to hear who they shared their cards with! Happy Thanksgiving! -Mrs. Malkoske

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Ms. Anderlic said...

Hello Room 9!!!
I miss being in grade 1/2! Your turkey hats look great! When I was having dinner with my family I started to sing this song. I couldn't remember all the lyrics but it sure sounds like you can!
Maybe I'll come for a visit soon!
Take care,
Ms. Anderlic