Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bag Up Manitoba!

Yesterday we started Bag Up Manitoba! We had to bring bags to school. We counted them in groups and yesterday's total of bags was 800. -Rhianna
When we count we put them in a big bag. We have to shake them only once, pull them inside out, then make them into an umbrella. They will make them into birdhouses. -Sam
Today we counted our bags again. We got a lot of bags. We got more bags than last time we collected the bags. I had a different group to count the bags. We had to make the bags into 10s and then we brought them to the big bag with all the bags in it. Today our number of bags we collected was 910! I had fun. -Andy
If we collect enough bags, we'll get a bench for the school. Yay! -Reegan
Bag Up 2012 from Erin Malkoske on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

I miss you:( Jadyn Ps. Lindsay miss you to:)

JH said...

Great video! It is fantastic to see all of the bags that your class is keeping out of the landfill!

BTW... is that a Jack Johnson tune? It's pretty catchy!

Anonymous said...

Wow sooooo many bags Room 9!!! I love to see how all of you are working together to keep our landfills free of plastic bags! And I can't wait to see how all these bags will be transformed into birdhouses! So AWESOME!

I have to say that we love our 'recycled' frisbee Alexander brought home from last year's drive ... and what a great story behind it! Such an awesome reward for all of their hard work!

So good luck Room 9 ... I can't wait to hear the tally for this year's 'Bag Up Drive'!

Just wondering ... where do you think you'll hang all of the bird houses? Do you think you'll collect enough bags this year to receive a birdhouse of your own? That would be so AWESOME!

We'll be sure to do our part!

Susanne Angus, Alexander's Mom